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Netflix (s NFLX) met global revenue expectations for the second quarter, reporting $889 million in worldwide income, up 13 percent year over year. But the company narrowly missed analysts’ goals for subscriber additions, reporting only 530,000 new U.S. users of its streaming service.

Analysts are still bearish as to whether Netflix can meet its stated goal of adding 7 million subscribers to its U.S. streaming service by year’s end. They had hoped that the company would come in at the high side of — or even beat — its own U.S. streaming subscriber projection of 23.6 million – 24.2 million to end the second quarter. But it finished the period ending June 30 with just 23.94 million.

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Netflix also missed analyst expectations that it end the quarter with 3.7 million customers in Canada, Latin America and Europe —…

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