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As the 2012 Summer Olympics draws near, so, too, the volume increases of press releases issued by companies hoping to ride the promotion wave.

A prominent email category in our inboxes has been research forecasts of consumers’ Olympic digital viewing. Sifting them boils down to this conclusion – traditional TV will dominate, viewing on other devices is growing, but researchers can’t agree on mobile and tablet popularity…

Plain ‘ol TV still rules

  • Most popular viewing platforms will be traditional TV at home (65%) and public screens (10%) (YouGov UK survey for Interxion)
  • 64 percent of Brits and 71 percent of Americans said they would watch the Olympics via regular TV (Sportscope survey for Perform Group Global Sports Media Consumption Report 2012)
  • “Five billion TV viewers across 220 countries worldwide, making it the most viewed event in history. This is up from 4.7 billion for the 2008 Beijing…

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