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Capitalizing on the soaring interest in all things health tech, Wired magazine plans to host its first conference on digital health this fall and launch an online content vertical.

In an announcement Monday, the Condé Nast title said it was partnering with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a conference on the intersection of health, technology and science, and the future of healthcare. The “Living by Numbers” event will be in the same vein as Wired’s 4-year-old Wired Business Conference, and comes as investments and innovation in the sector continue to rise.

Earlier this month, we reported that, according to a recent study from digital health startup accelerator Rock Health, investments in health tech are up 73 percent over the same time last year. In the past year, the “Quantified Self” movement has also gained momentum, as consumers turn to fitness- and health-tracking devices, such as the Nike Fuel…

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