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Now entering its second week, the big carriage battle between DirecTV (s DTV) and Viacom (s VIAB) will ultimately be decided, but not for some time. And look for streaming rights to be the lynchpin when a deal does get made.

Those predictions come courtesy of Bernstein Research senior analysts Todd Juenger and Craig Moffett, who on Monday published a report outlining how they see this rather landmark carriage impasse unfolding.

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For now, these analysts believe, the rift is wide. And they’ve published some of the best speculative data on the subject yet to illustrate the point.

There are few publicly confirmed data points in this rift, but Juenger and Moffett speculate that under the just expired carriage deal, DirecTV paid about $500 million in affiliate fees to Viacom, or around $2.08 per its 20 million…

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